Episode 5: Western Conference Buyers or Sellers


This is our fifth instalment of The Hockey 411 and we go through all of the Eastern Conference teams and see if they are buyers, sellers, or staying put at the March 1st deadline. Our special guest today to help us break this topic down is Nathan Brose. What will your team do on March 1st? Listen to Find Out!

A Summary of Topics Covered:

  • 1:40 Villanova Ice Cats Recap of Playoffs
  • 3:00 Minnesota Wild
  • 9:55 Chicago Blackhawks
  • 14:30 Nashville Predators
  • 18:03 St. Louis Blues
  • 21:54 Winnipeg Jets
  • 25:35 Dallas Stars
  • 29:43 Colorado Avalanche
  • 33:19 San Jose Sharks
  • 35:30 Edmonton Oilers
  • 37:50 Anaheim Ducks
  • 40:15 Calgary Flames
  • 42:07 Los Angeles Kings
  • 46:53 Vancouver Canucks
  • 49:15 Arizona Coyotes
  • 54:15 Games to Watch This Week

Nathan Brose writes a column for http://techhockeyguide.com/. Check it out and follow him on Twitter Here 

All episodes can be found on Mixcloud or under the Listen Now section. Subscribe on Mixcloud or click the follow button on the bottom of the page to follow the show when we come out with new material.

As Always Thanks For The Support!

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