Episode 12: State of The Habs


Our twelfth installment of The Hockey 411 and we go to one of the biggest hockey markets in the world, Montreal, to breakdown the Montreal Canadiens. Guest speaker Brandon Hebert joins us today as we break down what went wrong with the Canadiens and their disappointing season. Marc Bergevin has the biggest summer of his life coming up. Is Shea Weber the right guy on the back end? What can they do to help their forward core? Tune in to find out! To download it on ITunes Click Here

A summary of topics evaluated:

  • 1:58: A+ Goaltending
  • 11:00: Weber and Company
  • 37:39 Needing a True No.1 Center
  • 58:00 Grading the Front Office
  • 1:03:55 Prospects
  • 1:05:00 What to Expect in the Summer

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