Episode 15: Breakin’ Down The B’s

pasts.pngIn our 15th Episode of The Hockey 411, we bring on special guest, Brendan Conley, the man behind Bruins Mafia on Twitter. We discuss where the Bruins are headed and break down their roster from head to toe. We also answer your twitter questions at the end of the show, submitted using #Hockey411. Are they a playoff contender next year? What needs to be fixed? Tune in to find out!

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A summary of topics discussed:

  • 2:20 Bergeron and Company
  • 21:55 McAvoy and Carlo: Defensemen of the Future
  • 32:15 Tuukka Rask: The Backbone
  • 35:25 Is Don Sweeney Doing a Good Job?
  • 43:50 Analyzing the Pipeline
  • 51:23 What Needs to Be Fixed?
  • 55:29 Your Twitter Questions Answered

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