Episode 30: Western Mid-Term Grades


In Episode 30, Carl Landra from The 4th Line Podcast, joins the show to give out mid-term grade to the Western Conference NHL teams. The NHL season is about half way over and it is the perfect time to see who is on the rise or who is falling fast. Did your team get a good grade? Or did they fail the mid-term? Tune in to find out!

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A Summary of Topics Covered:

  • 3:06 High Flying Jets
  • 5:30 Rocking Smashville
  • 8:32 All Together Now St. Louis
  • 12:00 Go Stars Go
  • 17:23 Un-Blackhawk Like
  • 21:36 Wild Things
  • 27:40 Avalanche Change Course
  • 33:26 Vegas Hitting Jackpot
  • 38:20 The Kings have Returned
  • 42:08 Shark Attack
  • 46:24 Igniting The Fire
  • 53:13 Quack, Quack
  • 56:36 Oil Spill
  • 1:05:56 We Are All Canucks
  • 1:11:48 Endless Desert

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