Episode 31: Eastern Mid-Term Grades


In Episode 31, Andrew Berkshire from Sportsnet, joins the show to give out mid-term grades for the Eastern Conference NHL teams. Andrew is a premier writer and when it comes to hockey, he knows his stuff. Did your team get a passing grade? Or do they have some serious studying to do? Tune in to find out!

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A Summary of Topics Covered:

  • 1:11 Does Lighting Strike Twice?
  • 4:30 Bruins on the Rise
  • 8:25 Growing Leafs
  • 12:22 Panthers Showing Life
  • 16:16 Red Wings slowing down
  • 19:42 The Mess of Montreal
  • 23:52 Free Falling Sens
  • 27:52 Jack Eichel and Others
  • 30:16 Capital Gains
  • 32:20 Judas is Rising
  • 34:52 We Salute You!
  • 37:52 Inconsistent Flyers
  • 41:10 Average Blueshirts
  • 45:24 Different Penguins
  • 49:11 Islanders on the Fence
  • 51:49 A Hurricane is Brewing

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