Episode 3: Top 10 Trade Bait Players



This is our third installment of The Hockey 411 and special guest Overload Hockey joins us to break down our Top 10 Trade Bait Players before the NHL trade deadline on March 1st. Who will be moved on March 1st? Tune in to find out!

A summary of topics covered:

  • 2:50 Player Number 10
  • 9:05 Player Number 9
  • 14:55 Player Number 8
  • 18:03 Player Number 7
  • 19:46 Player Number 6
  • 26:00 Player Number 5
  • 32:30 Player Number 4
  • 38:25 Player Number 3
  • 44:15 Player Number 2
  • 44:50 Player Number 1
  • 56:43  Players as Honorable Mentions and More Trade Rumors
  • 59:00 Games to Watch For This Week

Overload Hockey runs a twitter account and talks all about hockey and is a must follow. You can find him Here

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